Who will be the C.M then, Mr.Chief minister???

So our dear Mr.A.K (not 47 but Arvind Kejriwal) says he’ll have Dalit Deputy C.M once his party is elected to power in Punjab. Now, it is also the time for him to say who shall be the C.M of Punjab if AAP is elected by the people of Punjab or at least make it clear whether the C.M will be a Punjabi or whether a “better and incorrupt” mind shall be imported from Delhi(Delhi secretariat to be precise) for the same.


Also the AAP is requested to make us understand how the offer of the provision of a dalit C.M to the dalits of Punjab(who ‘accidentally’ constitute 31.9% of Punjab’s population) is different from the vote bank appeasement of other political parties as they claim that their party is a party with a difference.



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