Justice delayed is justice denied!

At last after twenty long years, ‘chinnamma’ gets punished for the disproportionate assets case. It is a very good notion to be celebrating the victory of the good and the fall of corruption, but it also arises a very serious question about the pace of delivery of justice in our country.
It is after all not a very good thing to see cases being dragged for a decade or more especially while involving the high and the mighty as the culprits. It is a more serious problem in the cases involving the people holding important offices especially the political class. Not only that it gives the corrupt to take to take advantage of the slow pace of the judiciary in our county, it can also lead to the convicted ones escaping sentences by further dragging the case by appealing at a higher court of justice and a further round of argument there. The accused can also hold offices of power during this period upon a justification of their case being subjudice, which is against the very spirit of decency and virtuosity in public life. There are even instances where the accused are convicted after their death making a denial of justice for the general public.
This can be a problem for the political classes too as in some rare cases the corruption cases that come up are results of vendetta by political opponents and attempts at quick publicity by private individuals. This can lead to them being tainted and being forced to remain under a shadow of suspicion  despite not having done anything wrong.
So, it is indeed the need of the hour for both the general public as well as the political class that a our policing and investigation agencies and our judiciary achieve a better pace while dealing with corruption cases.



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